Africa-inspired Temporary Tattoos

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Embellish your arms, legs, shoulders, hands and lower backs with golden temporary tattoos. Fun for the beach, festivals or any other occasion.

Single Tattoos:

  • Woke
  • Queen
  • Africa
  • Duafe
  • Black Girl Magic
  • Sankofa
  • Gye Nyame

How to:

  • Cut out the tattoo you want to use
  • Remove the plastic foil
  • Make sure the skin you place it on is dry and not sweaty or oily
  • Press the golden image face down on your skin
  • Take a moist sponge and dab the white paper back of the tattoo
  • Slowly remove the paper and let the tattoo dry a couple of seconds
  • Carefully smooth it over with some shea butter to make it last longer


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